Gentle Lady - Start of construction

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First I'd like to thank my brother Gabe who had given me this Gentle Lady balsa kit, it is the original die cut balsa kit. I'll have to find exactly how old this kit is, but I would guess 30-35 years old. The Gentle Lady glider was one of my first R/C planes back around 1988-89. During the summer when school was out I used to fly at a local high school with about four soccer fields, lots of pavement and black top roofs for thermal production. What I would do is carry the fuselage in a back pack along with my transmitter and high-start, then under my ark carry the 2-metre wing all while riding my bike.

This is a great fun glider, just starting it this evening brought me back to my young teen years.

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Here are a few pictures of the start, sorting, sanding and organizing parts.




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