Fuselage hatch and wing attachments

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After reading comments about the Senior Senior Telemaster kit on Hobby Express's web site someone had mentioned not fully sheeting the top of the fuselage and I thought what a great idea.

Photo 1 - The bolt nut plate (Step 26, page 21) - Here i decided to put a nylon lock nut to prevent the wing lock nut from turning and create a sort of stopper. Final adjustment is made during wing installation.

Photo 2 - Showing where the front fuselage sheeting ended and hatch location. The hatch starts just behind the main wing spar to the first fuselage rib reinforced at the front with 0.5" pine square stock.

Photo 3 - cutting and placement of the hatch ribs.

Photo 4 - Test fit of the left wing after adjusting the wing locking bolt. Tubes have been installed for servo wiring and hatch area on right side of photo.


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