Fuselage and additional firewall reinforcement

By Mark Primavera - in category Senior telemaster construction with 0 Comments

Photos 1, 2 and 3 - Epoxied in a piece of 1/8" ply in the firewall for additional strength the the motor (ROTO 25cc)

Photo 4 - Bottom of fuselage vent holes, I think these are vent holes if using an electric motor and pretty sure I can cover over these holes.

Photo 5 - Stabilizer plate installed

Photo 6 - Overall shot of the fuselage. Yes, this is the side that was supposed to be on the inside and that's why all the epoxy is noticeable.

Photo 7 - Triangle stock installed on underneath of stabilizer plate - not yet finished, need to 'pretty it up'.

Photo 8 - side shot showing triangle stock and stabiler plate.


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